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Nine Years and Growing

RELATE was first developed in 2008 and now it’s already at Version 6.0. Our Church Relationship Information Solution was born out of a discussion between our founders and a friend who happened to be the administrator of an established church. The church administrator shared his frustration with how difficult church management software was to be used and how expensive it is. RELATE was founded to make great, easy-to-use software and offered at an inexpensive price.

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Localised and Relevant

RELATE has been specially designed for churches in Asia looking to ease their administrative burdens and better serve their congregation and community. With its proven easy-to-use design and powerful features, backed by our personal support and experience, you and your church can be rest assured that this solution will truly “RELATE” to you, your members, leaders and ministries.

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Big Features, Small Fee

RELATE constant features and functions updates; version upgrades; error corrections; customer supports and even cloud hosting are all included in a low, affordable yearly subscription fee. RELATE is implemented without any effort on your part. We take care of all the technical stuffs as part of our “cloud-based” service - implementing, updating and hosting of RELATE for your church. You just need to focus your time and efforts to maximize the use of RELATE to suit to your church needs in order to manage it more effectively and efficiently.

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We're Responsive

We continue to learn from you about how we can best apply our expertise to meet your needs. We encourage and rely upon both your initial input and your ongoing feedback to let us know how precisely our solution is fitting your church and to enable us to better plan our development efforts to provide ongoing enhancements, including more new features and functions to continue to make RELATE relevant to your church.

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Advanced Visitor Follow-Up

One of the worst things that can happen to a church is that they let visitors fall through the cracks and miss the chance to connect with them. That is why it is important to set up a process that can clearly designate who will follow up with which visitors, to ensure that no one gets overlook in the shuffle.

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Eliminate Paperwork

Stop wasting time trying to keep up with weekly meeting report forms. Let your small group leaders manage their groups from home, online! RELATE allows your leaders to log on right after their group meeting to take attendance, add new members or visitors, and update many other activities. The results are stored into RELATE where you can review the details and stay on top of all your small groups of your church.

RELATE Copyright © 2019 Ascentrio. All rights reserved.

"Church Relationship Information Solution" by Ascentrio

RELATE Copyright © 2019 Ascentrio. All rights reserved.